Anomalie is the future-soul project of Nicolas Dupuis.

The Montreal-based producer and keyboardist is beginning to build some serious momentum online.

Last year, Anomalie released his debut 8-song EP, Metropole. The release displays his serious talent as a classically trained pianist and instrumental electronic producer.

Anomalie seamlessly blends neo-soul rhythm with clean classical musicianship. His music is like a lounge-ier version MXXWLL or Haywyre. Very soulful, laidback and crosses a few genres including soul, funk and classical piano.

“Crescent” is the first single off of Anomalie’s 2nd EP, Metropole Part II, the follow up to 2017’s Metropole. The song was mixed, produced and performed entirely by Anomalie.

Check out an impressive live performance of “Crescent,” on YouTube. Or stream on Soundcloud below.