Last month, Brooklyn-based electronic group Young Magic released its second album, ‘Breathing Statues,’ through Carpark Records. Today, Redbull premiered a new remix for Young Magic’s ‘Fall In,’ by Brainfeeder producer Teebs.

“I was living in Mexico when Teebs’ first LP, ‘Ardour,’ came out a few years back,” recalls Young Magic’s Melati Malay. “The only internet connection was a 45 minute hike through jungle, down to a little café in town. It turned out to be one of the few new albums I had up in the mountains of Tepoztlán for a couple of months. It’s a different experience when you spend that much time with an album — it has a chance to reveal itself in unexpected ways. He makes such beautiful music, so we got in touch and he hit us back with his ‘Hazy’ edit [of ‘Fall In’]. It’s a lovely metamorphosis — a swirling catharsis born new.”