The Slim Kings are Brooklyn’s Tarantino-esque indie-rock ensemble. The aptly named trio is comprised of Michael Sackler-Berner, Andy Attanasio, and Liberty DeVitto, whose percussive work is featured in tracks for heavyweights by the likes of Billy Joel, Stevie Knicks, and Paul McCartney. Their latest single, “The Little Explorer” is a clever rock and soul gem.

If Vampire Weekend pulled whiskey from the bottle and dragged a Figurado cigar, you would get “The Little Explorer.” While the band stays true to the mellow ambiance that ultimately defines their repertoire, this stylish single is laced with energy. With lyrics that flow like a rhythmic stream of consciousness, the bustling track is undeniably catchy.

Americana-pop has never sounded better. Listen to “The Little Explorer” below.