Hot on the heels of a North American tour supporting John Mayer this summer, as well as a string of sold-out headline dates around the U.S, The Night Game announce the release of their highly anticipated second single, “Once In A Lifetime”— via Interscope Records.

Originally hailing from a small town outside of Boston, Massachusetts, The Night Game first entered the musical arena full-steam with their debut single “The Outfield,” which was an absolute banger. “The Outfield” was co-produced by Johnson and Grammy award-winning producer Francois Tetazit also features backing vocals from Grammy Award-winning Gotye and guitars from Australian performer and musician Kirin Callinan (Terrible Records). The song sounds like a deep cut from a Phil Collins record; definitely worth checking out.

“Once In A Lifetime,” is the follow up to their debut single, “The Outfield,” and equally as thought-provoking and atmospheric the song describes a period of time in which The Night Game’s lead singer, Martin Johnson, found it challenging to walk out the front door while his head was more dangerous than the world outside. The song describes a pinhole of light that ended with a chance to leave that life behind.

Listen for yourself below.