Today, the LA-based English duo, The Dot And The Line, premiere a remix of their song “Hiding The Truth,” by Norwegian-producer MODES.

It’s a synth heavy rendition of the already bright pop vocal. Melodically, the remix is an upbeat, forward leaning, and a stripped down tune. It features a minimal drum arrangement, soaring nu disco synths and a faint vocoder in parts of the mix.

MODES is a talented electronic producer who has cut his teeth remixing a handful of tunes and releasing original music with the UK-based record label and management company Perfect Havoc. This time around remixing a the US-based British duo.

“Hiding The Truth,” is an evocative track that explores the blurry lines of seduction. It’s a song that tries to capture the decadent mood of a new relationship — how euphoria can be quickly consumed by the fiery sensation of not really knowing what’s going on.

Not much hiding in this track though. It’s a pretty straightforward feel good remix like something you’d hear from RAC. Stream the Casablanca Sunset premiere of the MODES remix below.