The Los Angeles band Swerve premiere a lyric video today for their single ‘Aw Hell.’

In October the band released their first EP, which was recorded in late 2014 with producer (and future-bassist) Brandon Duncan in Santa Monica’s Apogee Studio. Headed by songwriter Gregory Mahdesian, Swerve is backed by drummer Casey Baird, guitarist Ryan Berti and bassist Brandon Duncan.

Their sound is primarily backed by a traditional rock and roll sound with straight forward vocals. Easy music to listen to. Lend your ears to the newly released lyric video below. And check out the brief Q&A with Swerve below.



Q&A w/ Swerve


Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard of you before?

Swerve: We make an updated version of classic, melodic and catchy guitar rock/pop. If you’re into the Beatles, Oasis, REM and the Replacements you’ll likely be interested in what we’re doing!


CS: What styles and genres of music do you find most influential?

S: My first and greatest inspiration will always be the Beatles and the bands they went on to inspire from the 60s through today… I’m a sucker for melody, genres like shoegaze and contemporary artists like St. Vincent and the National. I also go through phases when all I can listen to is Leonard Cohen and Nick Cave.


CS: Does the LA music scene play a part in your music?

S: Not all that much. We kind of do our own thing that I think is separate from a lot of the scene today, but certainly bands we’re friends with influence us because they’re the people we talk about music and gear with. No one who isn’t a musician wants to hear about how you set up your pedalboard!


CS: What is the concept behind the new lyric video?

S: We wanted a somewhat low key video that helps emphasize the mood and feel of the song. It kind of tows the line between sincere and sarcastic and we asked our friend to be in it because she seemed to really be feeling the song at the time. In the video I think she can be interpreted as either the narrator or the person the narrator is addressing.


CS: Any other new bands/artists you’ve been listening to in 2015?

S: So many! The bands we’ve played shows with have all been pretty great, and right now I’m obsessing over the El Vy record. Matt Berninger can do no wrong in my book.


CS: Plans for the future for band? Upcoming shows or releases?

S: We usually have a show coming up, so check in on our facebook page or website to see when we’ll be playing. We also have a couple songs from the EP sessions that we didn’t finish in time, so over the next couple of months we’ll complete them and hopefully release them early next year!


Thanks guys! Look forward to hearing more in the future.