Today, indie dance duo, Supertaste premiere their euphoric debut single “Got Me Loose.”

Emerging from the underground Brooklyn DJ scene, Supertaste is comprised of singer-songwriter Hundreds Thousands and songwriter / producer Slug Father. The two have been working together for a couple of years now and Supertaste is a culmination of their collaborative efforts.

Their debut release, “Got Me Loose” highlights elements of electronic pop, disco and uplifting retro funk. The single features sultry vocals backed by warm melodic synth chords, groovy guitar and uptempo rhythm. It comes ahead of a handful of releases the duo have scheduled this summer including another single due out on Kitsuné Musique later this month.

Stream their impressive debut below along with brief Q&A the two did for the Casablanca Sunset blog. Enjoy!

Q&A w/ Supertaste

Casablanca Sunset: Tell us about the new project. How did it come together?
Supertaste: The two of us have spent the past two years DJing dozens of venues and party spaces across NY, throwing our party series “Not So Strictly Disco”. While DJing together always felt natural, we had never stepped into the studio to produce as a unit. Halfway through 2019, we decided it was time to take things to the next level.

Casablanca Sunset: Very cool. What does the songwriting and production process look like? 
Supertaste: Zach has golden pipes that give him the gift of angelic vocals. Lucas slightly less so but he’s got CHARISMA. While our songwriting process started in Zach’s studio, once quarantine began, Zach ended up with his family in Tennessee and Lucas with his family in Florida. What began as a seamless, in-person process hit a bump in the road. However, we were able to make it work through a lot of communication and the magic of Splice. We passed project files, vocal lines, synth parts, guitar parts, drum parts, etc back and forth. There was even a Facetime session with us singing to each other to write some vocal parts.

Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe the music to someone that has never listened before?  
Supertaste: Supertaste’s mission is to bring the sound of an 80’s walkman to the 21st century and give listeners that warm feeling of walking to your favorite bodega after a night of dancing. We are indie/dance/disco reminiscent of Parcels/Jungle/Luxxury. Warm vinyl sounds mixed with rich 80s synthwave.

Casablanca Sunset: How is Supertaste different than your past musical projects?  
Supertaste: Slug Father (Lucas) lives in a disco/house-centric world. Deep cut samples, ripping 909 sampled hats, 60s and 70s feel. Hundreds Thousands (Zach) lives in a primarily indie/electronic-centric world. Killer folk-inspired songwriting, wavy, synth-fueled and wistful. Supertaste is a great combination of both producers’ skills, disco rhythms from Slug Father, synth ballad writing from Hundreds Thousands.

Casablanca Sunset: What are some other new artists you both are listening to right now?   
Supertaste: We’re both big fans of a young North Carolinian artist, Sonny Miles. We’re heavily influenced by some of our peers and friends in NYC, like QRTR, Wev, Bad Tuner, LEFTI, and plenty more. Also, can’t forget some of our fine friends overseas like Happiness Therapy Records, Fresh Take Records, Casablanca Sunset Records (US of course).

Casablanca Sunset: Favorite venue or DJ spot in NYC pre-pandemic?    
Supertaste: A really cool after-hours spot on a secret boat in Brooklyn. That’s all the info we can share 🙂 .

Casablanca Sunset: Fair enough! What are some of your other interests outside of music?    
Supertaste: Both of our full-time jobs outside of Supertaste are also in music, so it’s a profession, a passion, and a hobby all in one. Zach is a casual chef, and also hustles as a festival booker (check out @blockaloo) and a project manager for a few art books (check out @the_smile_book & @stuckupofficial). Lucas loves to run and is a HUGE hardcore punk fan. If you want to talk death metal, hardcore, etc, slide into Slug Papi’s DMs.

Casablanca Sunset: Plans for the rest of 2020?    
Supertaste: The two of us are heading off to the mountains of Tennessee in July to write our next bit of music. Aside from that, just hoping to be able to DJ parties and show off these new tunes as soon as we can!

Casablanca Sunset: Anything else you’d like to mention?    
Supertaste: We want to thank Casablanca Sunset for all of its support of Slug Father AND Supertaste. This kind of support from across the globe is what makes our music scene thrive and survive, we’re all in it together. Support local artists, support touring artists, support music in general. We make music because we’re insanely passionate about bringing people together, especially on a dance floor under the disco ball. We love you, we love you, we love you.

Thanks guys! Look forward to watching the project progress and hearing more from you down the road.

For more on Supertaste be sure to check out the website.