Sun Seeker is a Nashville -based alt rock band with a unique style of “Cosmic American Music.”

Having been together as a band since 2013, the group’s long awaited upcoming EP, Biddeford, features Alex Benick (guitar, vocals), Asher Horton (bass guitar, vocals), and Ben Parks (drums, vocals). Their upcoming release explores nostalgia, melancholy, and emotional turmoil via laid-back psychedelia pollinated with tight harmonies, classic folk song-craft, and country rock spirit. The release is an approach that is both agelessly archetypal and uniquely their own.

“Won’t Keep Me Up At Night,” melds Benick’s candid lyricism and stark melodies with a creative arrangement and production technique, fashioning a sonic world to match their interior emotional scope.

The track is super easy to listen to and cross over between old & youth, and melancholy & optimism. Check out their new song below.