Steve Benjamins is a Toronto-based indie pop artist.

Today he released his new single “Purification Ritual,” which showcases his abilities as both a songwriter and vocalist who is in complete control of his sound. The 3-minute long stripped down indie-ballad features a melodic piano riff with serene strings, a calming acoustic guitar, and inspiring vocals.

It is the follow-up his last single, “Silence,” which was featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds.

Lyrically, Benjamin says “Purification Ritual” is about a man he met going through rehab for his 14th time. Despite the fact that is was the man’s 14th time, he seemed earnest and upbeat about his recovery. And according to Benjamins, “I found that very moving. To me, his story came to symbolize a broader truth: how we can cycle between hope and despair. How we pledge ourselves to do better but then fall down. How one day we feel strong and then very weak on another day. How a decade of happiness can unravel in a year of despair. It’s not necessarily manic— it’s just human.”

You can stream the highly creative and inspirational music video for the release below.