Show Clothes is a 27-year-old producer living in Chicago, Illinois.

He produces future sounding hip-hop beats with a very melodic underlying composition.

“Pool Party” is his first original release under the name Show Clothes and features the soulful vocalist Gavriella.

Stream the track below and check out the brief Q&A Show Clothes did for the Casablanca Sunset.


Q&A with Show Clothes


Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your music to a first time listener?

Show Clothes: An attempt to blend my favorite parts of Hip Hop, RnB, and House into a genreless groove. I love retro synths and 808 bass.


CS: What does the production process look like behind one of your songs ?

SC: I usually start by finding a sound that I like, either by messing around with a synthesizer or finding a sample and processing it. I’ll then layer chord progressions, instrument melodies, percussion, and other elements. My creative process is actually pretty messy and involves recording whatever comes to mind, then eventually sifting through a bunch of ideas to find the ones I like the most. When I work with Gavriella, I’ll send her an instrumental, she’ll write the lyrics, and we’ll record her singing. I’ll then expand on the original instrumental – sometimes completely changing the song in the process. Her voice is so rich and exquisite – I’m always inspired to create new sounds and melodies after recordings.


CS: What are some of your favorite musical acts right now?

SC: I’m a big fan of Soulection and HW&W – artists like Sango, Esta, and Pomo, to name a few on their rosters, are all incredibly talented. I also love listening to French house artists like FKJ, Darius, Cherokee, and Kartell. They’ve created a really clean, curated sound that’s redefined the genre.


CS: Plans for future Show Clothes releases?
SC: I’ll be releasing another track with Gavriella within the next few weeks, and have a lot more in the making 🙂


For more on Show Clothes be sure to check out his Facebook page.