The girl is back. Brika that is.

After the release of her explosive debut album, Voice Memos (2014), Brika blew up the internet. Backed by a handful of popular music sites, Brika dominated charts and impressively tracked millions of Soundcloud plays. The industry turned it’s head and Billboard listed her as an ‘Artist on the Verge’.

Needless to say, Brika is talented and has a killer voice. It’s raspy, soft, smooth yet sinful. About all you could ask for out of female vocalist.

Last week Brika released a cover of Shaggy’s early 2000 classic “It Wasn’t Me.” If you’re a millennial, chances are you will like this song.

Solid cover featuring mellow keys, vocal harmonies, top notch production and of course Brika’s powerful vocal cords.

Stream below and also find a brief Q&A we conducted with Brika this past weekend. Enjoy!

Q&A with Brika


Casablanca Sunset: How long have you been singing and writing songs?

Brika: Always! I’ve sung my entire life. My grandmother has memories of me being in a car seat driving with her while seeing patients (she’s a home health nurse) singing constantly in the backseat like a maniac. Before I could actually even write properly, I stole my moms tape recorder and would record songs I wrote or repeat a song I made 100 times then draw pictures to remember it.


CS: Do you play any other instruments?

B: I play self-taught piano… lol, enough to do what I gotta do (song write etc).


CS: What does the production process look like? Your label does most of the production in house right?

B: For the album Voice Memos, for the most part, it would begin with me writing a rough draft with piano/vocals (sometimes missing parts) with lyrics, then I would show Julio and from there the studio door would be closed and things would be taken to the next level building. The album actually has some of those memos! Yes, it was produced by Julio Reyes Copello in house.


CS: What is some new (or old) music you’ve been in to lately?

B: Ahhh! I have two artists that I am yet to phase out of, Bon Iver and Coldplay… But lately, I’ve been listening to songs from a book called “1001 songs you have to hear before you die“, a lot of Alternative R&B, Drake, and rap like “Puke” by Eminem. I have to fight the temptation of always going to Alternative Rock.


CS: How has the web played a role in your success thus far? 

B: I’ve been fortunate enough to have an immense amount of support from bloggers everywhere. It’s been so fascinating to see the amount of opportunities and doors that have opened as a result of their positive support. I’m very grateful. I’ve mentioned to my manager how I’d love to meet everyone personally at some point. I actually went to NY for a meeting and my manager told me the first blogger, Taylor Rummel, to ever write about me from HillyDilly was in the building… And immediately I had the chance to get to his office but unfortunately he was out for lunch :/ Although, I’m going to try again when we’re back in town next time…

Social media is a good for artists. Especially when it’s used genuinely. It gives followers the opportunity to have a sneak peek into the lives of the musicians they admire. And the chance for artists to connect with their fans. Especially Twitter because for some reason it strikes me as more personal.

I’m trying to get off my phone recently.


CS: Plans for the future? 

B: Yes, I’m going to be releasing new music in within these next couple of months and playing shows here and there. But I’m in the writing process now more than anything.


CS: Last question, Shaggy cover inspired by true story or just for fun?

B: The Shaggy cover was not! A cover was done to get the “new releases” ball rolling.  I’m on this “Beyoncé” independent, “no attachments”, enjoy life with friends mindset so I wanted whatever cover I chose to be fun and a reflection of that. I also really like the song.


Thank you Brika! Pleasure covering you over the last year or so. For more info on Brika be sure to check out her Facebook page and follow her on Twitter here.