Raveena is an R&B vocalist and songwriter from New York City.

She recently released her single titled “If Only.” It’s a sultry R&B-inspired tune with intricate instrumentation and an extremely smooth vocal. The song showcases her dynamic production abilities that exude both a throwback and present feel. Her music is influenced by the likes of Curtis Mayfield and D’Angelo.

She is also a first-generation immigrant. Less than a decade before, Raveena’s parents arrived to Queens from India, fleeing their country due to political turmoil and riots against the Sikh people. As a young girl, Raveena discovered the music of R&B/Jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill and Sade. Raveena found solace in her own private world of music.

“If Only” is the 3rd single off Raveena’s forthcoming EP, Shanti, which will be available everywhere on December 6th.

Stream below.