Today, the Nashville-based artist Quinn Lewis releases his latest single “Hurt Me Now.”

The stripped down song features emotive piano chords and his signature soulful falsetto vocal. It’s a somber tune about heartbreak and accepting the end of relationship.

The Australian-born artist recently finished tour with Kevin Garrett and in support of his new release answered a few questions for Casablanca Sunset below.

Q&A with Quinn Lewis:

Casablanca Sunset: Hi Quinn, how was your most recent tour with Kevin Garrett?

Quinn Lewis: I really don’t think it could have gone better. Kevin is such an amazing performer and an even better person so it was awesome to be able to open up and learn from him. It was my first real tour run and I fell in love with being on the road, I’ve got the itch for sure I want to be out there all the time.

CS: That’s great, so who are some other artists you are listening to right now?

QL: I’ve had a few songs that I’ve been playing on repeat the past few weeks: ‘Getting Old’ 6LACK, ‘Painkiller’ Liv Dawson, ‘Phone Numbers’ Dominic Fike, ‘Hazel’ Carlie Hanson.

CS: Very cool, so how would you describe your music to someone that has never heard it before?

QL: I write sad songs you can dance to about the relationships I’ve been and have right now. I’ve really been trying to merge classic elements with new sounds and ideas lately. And then I’d probably compare myself to a bunch of artists I’m inspired by…

CS: How long have you been singing?

QL: Honestly, I’ve been singing my whole life. I feel like I found my confidence to sing around age 14/15. I went to rock band camp with a few friends and we quickly realized no one had volunteered to be the singer, our counselor/teacher asked us who it would be and I just stepped into the role. I remember at the end of the camp when we performed the songs for everyone one of the teachers coming up to me saying that I had to keep singing. So I did.

CS: Nice, what role do you play in the production process?

QL: I’m so lucky to be able to work with incredible producers on my most recent music, and most of which are my best friends, so a lot of the time we’re on the same wavelength about what sounds and choices to go with. It’s a tough question, I’d say I know what I like and don’t like and am very vocal about that, but I’m not going to try and take credit for the amazing work that the producers I get to work with have done on these songs.

CS: Any recommendations on something cool to do in Nashville? I’m visiting next week.

QL: If they’re in season you should check out the Predators (NHL team). The atmosphere is unreal. Sneak out to Wedgwood Houston and come get a drink and dance with me at Flamingo as well. That’s been one of my go-to spots lately.

Thanks, Quinn! Look forward to hearing more from you down the road!

For more on Quinn Lewis visit his website here.