Parisian band, POLYCOOL, shares a music video for their new single “Monteverità.”

The song is the second single from their forthcoming album Lemon Lord, which is set for release on November 15th via Big Wax Records.

Directed by Léo Schrepel, the video features band members in the Fontainebleau forest, where La Crampe (a guy with a black hood who always appears during the band’s concerts) is in smashing analog instruments.

While the premise of the destroying the band’s instruments is not so cool, I can attest to the fact that the song itself, “Monteverità,” is quite cool. The chilled out bedroom pop-leaning single features psychedelic synth melodies, slick guitar chords, and a dreamy vocal topline. Promising work from the French act.

Stream “Monteverità” by Polycool below.