UK-based producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Brijs just launched his intoxicating new moniker P!NCH. A musical concept that takes shape in the form of a trading-card game, P!NCH is far more than sounds and reverb. The tropical first installment of Brijs’ unconventional new alias titled “Big Cat” features a gritty feature from London punk rapper GIRLI.

An intoxicating party-anthem that swings between electro-pop and hip-hop, “Big Cat” is a courageous debut for P!NCH. Seasoned with a fierce and fiery swing, this spirited cut is downright fun. Textured with worldly melodies and spitfire transitions “Big Cat” is left-of-center and adamantly true to itself. Where pop music meets grime, the game of P!NCH has only just begun.