LA-based producer, choreographer & DJ extraordinaire PENNYWILD shares her latest EP NIGHT PEOPLE.

The 5-song theatrical-inspired release pays homage to city nightlife. Playing from front to back like a musical, NIGHT PEOPLE guides the listener through the process of a night out with friends. Starting things off, the first two singles “GET READY” and “SIDE STREETS” explore the process of getting ready followed by navigating city streets in an Uber. Then, arriving at their show, the EP’s third single “DOLLARS, DOLLS, DRUGS” describes the partygoers’ destination. The EP then moves to a Taco Bell drive thru interlude on “FAST FOOD”, and then culminates with “SWEATBOX” where the club goers hit an after hour party and then finally fall asleep. It’s a significantly eccentric release that is entertaining, sonically satisfying and of genuine artistic merit.

The EP’s techno-inspired soundscapes are highlighted by uptempo house rhythms, thick pulsating synths and very much dance music centric. Its clean electronic production and smooth dance arrangements are also uniquely complimented by vocal voiceovers from the likes of Sherry Cola (Freeform’s Good Trouble), Adwin Brown (Netflix’s You) and Emmy Mattingly Chucker (Disney’s Liv & Maddie).

Stream NIGHT PEOPLE by PENNYWILD below. Enjoy!