Introduce yourself to the new Los Angeles 4-piece, NightOwl.

At just a year old, NightOwl are a band from Los Angeles. While relatively new, bandmates are long time friends and have been playing music together for years. Their sound is new-age California rock with an underlying blues tone that is influenced by the playful, adventurous spirit of the beach and desert they grew up around.

Their latest track, “Stripped To The Core,” has already started to turn a few heads and is easy music to get on board with. Stream below.


The band also took the time to answer a few questions for Casablanca Sunset, which you can find below.

Q&A w/ NightOwls

Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your music to a first time listener?

NightOwls: Our music is a revival of rock n’ roll with a modern twist to it. We aren’t really trying to fit into a particular genre. A lot of our songs just come out of us. They represent whatever we’re feeling, and it all forms naturally. Everything is very versatile and loose, but it comes together with a structured sound.


CS: How does So Cal culture play a role in your music?

NO: Having all lived in different places at one point – Miami, Ecuador, New York, and Los Angeles – you really grow to appreciate the easy-going, creative vibes that Southern California brings to the table… We find it very easy and comfortable to make music. With all of us combined, we bring a lot of culture into the room and fuse it into our sound.

Living in California, we also take advantage of the fact that we can be exposed to the open air, rather than the city. We’ve all grown closer by taking road trips together, and these experiences in the outdoors definitely augment our sound as well.


CS: What are some of your influences outside of music?

NO: Our chemistry as a band is a huge part of our sound. We’ve all grown up playing music together, and we’re able to know exactly where we’re at when we’re jamming… Xavier and Bernardo are brothers, Daniel is their cousin, and Jackson is a childhood friend. We’re all friends, first and foremost, and that’s important to us. We always try and have a day outside of practice just to hang out as friends, whether it be playing soccer, skating, or going camping.


CS: What are some new bands you guys are listening to?

NO: Leon Bridges, Gary Clark Jr., Hozier, Mac Demarco, and Arctic Monkeys. We’re also really inspired by Coldplay.


CS: Any relation to HUNNY, Bad Suns, Neighbourhood or some of the other indie rock bands coming from the area?

NO: We pretty much grew up in neighboring towns – Westlake, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park, and Moorpark – so we all naturally coincided with each other because there are only so many places you can go in those areas… It’s really a bubble. We grew up going to shows together, skated with them, and jammed with all of those guys. It’s pretty crazy to see how people from the same region are collectively making music and doing something with it!


CS: Any ideas on a release date of the upcoming EP?

NO: We plan on dropping some new content in early 2016, so keep an eye out for news on our social media – @NightOwl_LA


Thanks guys, look forward to hearing more down the road! Be sure to check out NightOwl’s Facebook for more info.