KINDER – Stone Cold feat. teppa

KINDER is the London-based musical endeavour of multi-instrumentalist and producer Leo Wyatt.  The 24-year-old’s distinctive blend of falsettoed soul and rhythmic beats stand's out from a saturated crowd of ele...

Joni Payne – More To Do

Every so often there is a vocalist that comes along and turns my head. Someone that stands a head of the pack, working on original and thought provoking content. Los Angeles based artist, Joni Payne is one of those vocalists.

Brika – You

Now over a year since her debut Voice Memos was released, Brika is back with a new original single. Produced by Julio Reyes Copello, “You” captures that feel good summer vibe that their Miami hometown is known ...

Joni Payne – Hold Ya

Joni Payne is a Los Angeles based singer/songwriter influenced by r&b, soul and downtempo electronic music. Listen to her latest track "Hold Ya," in honor of Valentine's Day next week.