Stockholm-based artist Miynt recently released her latest single “Vacation with Bond in south of France part 2.”

The single is the first track released from her second forthcoming EP, which is set for release later this summer.

Sonically, the single features Miynt’s breezy indie-pop vocal and psych-rock leaning guitar work that sounds something like a cooler more rhythmic version of Feist or Blonde Redhead.

Originally, the song was inspired by a fake synopsis of a James Bond movie which Miynt wrote herself. She liked the idea so much that she decided to run with it and eventually included on the EP. The beginning of the Bond movie starts in space where the bad guys are doing experiments on monkeys in space. This song was to be played during Bond’s second trip to France in the fake film.

Needless to say, she has quite the creative mind and if that’s what it takes to come up with good music so be it.

Stream her super cool single, “Vacation with Bond in the sound of France part 2,” below.