Miranda Joan is a jazz-influenced Brooklyn-based vocalist and songwriter.

Originally born in Montréal and raised in Vancouver, Miranda Joan was raised bi-coastal and bilingual. Both the English and French Canadian cultures have influenced her music. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, Miranda Joan grew passionate about the sights and sounds of the landscape, which continue to be an influential force in her songwriting.

Coupled with a love of soul music and its many shades, Miranda Joan finds herself somewhere in-between genres along the edges of jazz, singer/songwriter and soul.

Her latest single, “Grind” is a thick R&B-influenced tune that features a pumping bass line, clean keys, electric guitar, progressive rhythm and a huge vocal performance from the highly-talented singer.

Miranda also has a super cool website with an interactive music video that serves as a visual expression of her song “STILL.” You can check it out here.

Stream the latest below.