Heartbreak and loss are visceral, traumatic experiences that have shaped and beckoned new eras of art since the beginning of human history. Alaskan musician Medium Build is no exception from the peril of heartbreak, and getting “Good At Being Lonely” became an integral part of picking up the pieces from his previous relationship.

“Good At Being Lonely” is a melancholic single shrouded by an uptempo, indie-pop veil. Its indie instrumental work possesses a calming charm, inviting listeners to feel intense bouts of hope and self-awareness. A vulnerable song at its core, “Good At Being Lonely” is as musically sound as it is emotionally moving. An indie-rock manifesto that leaves you equal parts reflective and ready to dance, “Good At Being Lonely” is a cheeky and empowering number. This is heartbreak music that doesn’t break your heart. Listen to Medium Build’s new era below.