A relatively new name in contemporary electronica, Marty Jacobs is a Melbourne-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. With only two releases under his belt, the purveyor of groove has been quick to find his footing. His third single, “So Beautiful” calls on the help of UK soul-vocalist Rayon Nelson.

Marked by bouncy synths and a relaxed cadence, “So Beautiful” is lounge-disco. Featuring a steady sound, and synthetic clap of the hand that works as the track’s percussive element, Marty Jacobs layers this simple musical component with Nelson’s buttery R&B vocals. Its laissez-faire flow is so effortlessly seductive, it often feels improvised. Plush and decidedly jazzy, “So Beautiful” bridges the gap between the club and the home-office.

Get to know Marty Jacobs below and expect more from the budding musician.