Seattle-native and Los Angeles-based Mark Diamond recently released a music video alongside his new EP, Hummingbird Two.

The talented singer/songwriter has made a name for himself as both a gifted pop vocalist and impressive instrumentalist that recently signed to Republic Records.

Released in September of 2019,  Hummingbird Two is the follow up to his debut EP Hummingbird One which was also released earlier this year.

The single “Hummingbird,” as featured on Hummingbird Two, showcases Mark’s vibrant and fluttering vocal abilities paired with stripped down instrumentation and groovy rhythmic tendencies.

Stream the music video for his single “Hummingbird” below and also read the brief Q&A with Mark Diamond for the Casablanca Sunset blog below.


Q&A with Mark Diamond:

Casablanca Sunset: What motivated you to release Hummingbird as a 2-part EP?

Mark Diamond: Honestly, I chose which songs went where based off of how they sounded together. Hummingbird Two feels more mature to me than the first EP. 

CS: Does the Hummingbird have any significant meaning?  

MD:  Hummingbirds mean a lot to me. It’s kind of a symbol in my family, and they were always around me growing up as I lived on a lavender farm. They always stopped me in my tracks, and I as I got older I started to question why that was. 

CS:  What’s something new from this EP that distinguishes itself from your previous releases?

MD:  This EP I wasn’t holding anything back. Not that I have been in the past… but I mean this EP showcases a lot of emotions all at once. I feel a lot of emotions all at once. So it feels very honest. 

CS:  How does being from Seattle influence your sound?

MD:  Seattle influences me in so many ways. Not only does the weather make you a little depressed sometimes, but I think being stuck inside a few months out of there year forces you to either be a little creative or just be bored. I visit Seattle all the time when I’m feeling like I need a fresh breath of air. 

CS:   Plans for the rest of 2019?

MD:   Going to be finishing the year strong. We have loads of visuals on the way. I’ll be doing a bunch of shows between now and the end of the year. Hoping to announce a run of shows here soon! A few other surprises here and there as well…

Thanks, Mark! Look forward to seeing what you have in store!

For more on Mark Diamond visit his website here.