Mantocliff is a brand new 5-piece band from Basel, Switzerland.

Their impressive debut “These Words” takes the listener on a meandering emotional journey with a darkly rich blend of orchestral instrumentation, formidable electronic production, and alluring vocals.

It starts soft with airy echoing guitar plucks, then slowly builds with the introduction of Nives Onori’s subtle yet disarming vocal accompanied by the band’s complementary driving bass and percussion.Very quickly the song gains an exhilarating energy. At times it goes off in an intense synth heavy direction only to be pulled back into a more delicate strings-driven direction the next moment.

Despite their range of apparent influences, Mantocliff has found a way to balance their various musical sensibilities and give every element the opportunity to shine through. Quite an exciting debut, “These Words” is a compelling cinematic composition.

Stream the music video for “These Words” below. Enjoy.