Late last month the band Mainland released their latest single ‘Outcast,’ which you can now stream on Soundcloud and Spotify. The New York City based 4 piece borrow elements of pop, groove and post-punk to create a refreshing take on indie pop rock. Great stuff!

The band also recently put together a “Summer Slumber” playlist for Casablanca Sunset. Featuring songs from Tame Impala, CHIC, The Clash, Mark Ronson and more its a great disco post-punk playlist. Stream below!


Summer Slumber
Playlist Curated by Mainland

When summer stretches out into its second half, the initial excitement fades and is replaced by a sleepy goove. Many New Yorkers vacate the city escaping the heat, leaving the rest of us with a city that’s slowed down like molasses. The initial rush to take advantage of the good weather is over, and now we settle into late summer. This is when the best hangs happen, friends sleep away their afternoons and take to the streets at night. This is a playlist for those times, so enjoy Summer Slumber.