London based singer, songwriter, and producer, Lyves released a new single “Holding Back,” last week.

The song begins with a haunting piano refrain, gradually introducing further sonic elements, from Lyves’ signature vocal, to electronic R&B percussion, eventually evolving into a rich, string-laden soundscape. Lyrically the song is about uncovering the truth and accepting that healing takes time.

The song marks her first release since her debut EP earlier this year. Shortly after releasing the EP, she was chosen by Coldplay to open on 15 dates during their ‘A Head Full of Dreams’ tour earlier this summer. But her recent success was anything but overnight.

Originally shying away from a career in music, fearing it was unattainable, Francesca went to college to study psychology before embarking on a career as a support worker for young people in care and later a mental health advocate where she worked at a psychiatric hospital. It was at this point, eight years ago, that Francesca realized there was something missing in her life. Her secret needed to become a full-blown creative endeavor. Francesca got her hands on a keyboard and embarked on the task of learning to play, she advertised for a band on Gumtree and started to perform live to an audience for the first time since she was thirteen.

While Lyves continues to build momentum, and her career continues to take shape, her story is inspiring. Check out her latest below.