Australian musician Love Deluxe recently released a new single “Campari & Coke” via the Soothsayer label imprint.

“Campari & Coke” features bright soaring synthesizers, glistening rhodes keyboard melodies and a sophisticated uptempo percussion that gives the song an indie dance vibe. There is also a major saxophone solo towards the end by Love Deluxe himself. It’s quite a cool tune.

The single is inspired by the musician’s favorite drink. Or as he explains, “explains: “Since starting this project, I’ve always wanted to dedicate a song to my favorite drink, and when writing Campari in the studio, it came together much the same as the song’s namesake. A few simple elements, mixed just right and voilà, you’re transported somewhere else in a heady daze. Like the drink, the song so a little kooky, a little bitter and a lot of fun. Drink it in.”

“Campari & Coke” is due off Love Deluxe’s forthcoming Fata Morgana EP, which is set for release August 2nd on Soothsayer.

Stream the latest from Love Deluxe below.