Lions Head is an indie electronic duo comprised of singer-songwriter Ignacio and producer Philip. Based out of both Germany and the US,  Lions Head released their first song earlier this year in 2015. Their latest original, “Begging,” has already earned over 750,000 plays on Spotify and gained support from melodic-house duo Lakechild since its release in August. Today we are honored to premiere the latest release from this versatile duo.

Lions Head delivers a chill acoustic remix of 50 Cent‘s ever classic song “P.I.M.P.”  This cover is just as classic as the original and absolutely worth checking out. Smoothly adapting the lyrics and feel of 50’s club banging hip-hop track, Lions Head gracefully flip this into a tune that you could play around the campfire or at the beach with your buds.

Stream below and be sure to check out more from the duo on Soundcloud.

Singer-songwriter Ignacio of Lions Head also took the time to answer a few questions for Casablanca Sunset. Below is a brief Q&A about the new release, plans for the future and American hip-hop. Enjoy.

Q&A with Lions Head

Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your musical style?

Lions Head: Its pretty honest and straightforward.

Basically a combination of an acoustic guitar with drum machines and some deep house elements. At least thats the best I can do in terms of a technical description! [One] blog called it bouncy folk-groove jam. Our first single, “Begging,” has also been compared to soulful, acoustic folk music. Another [blog] wrote “sounds like everyone was sitting around a bonfire and roasting sausages and drinking beers and then some guy says he has a recording studio in his Orange 1974 Volkswagen bus”


CS: What’s your take on American Hip-hop music? And what was the inspiration behind this cover?

LH: I used to love h.e.r. ! No, but seriously we love the old classic hip-hop. I’m also American so I suppose its always been a part of the sonic background growing up. Right now there is a lot of talent but not that many great songs out there that really catch me. Everything’s kinda strip-bar music and I am still listening to Tribe, Slick Rick, Treach, Krs, 50, Em, Jigga, Kanye, Rakim and anything by Primo or Just Blaze.


CS: Any relation to the production duo Lakechild? I first discovered Lions Head through the Artist Curated Playlist they put together for Casablanca in August. 

LH: We met those guys a year ago and instantly clicked. We played three or four shows together already this year. We also did a vocal version of their song “Diskostrand.” They have a huge remix out by a Swedish artist and songstress named Cajsa Siik entitled ”Higher,” I really can’t believe that song didn’t receive more attention.


CS: If 50 Cent heard this cover, what do you think he’d think of it?

LH: 50 Cent has to be the funniest guy under the sun and one of the smartest, if you read his bio or just listen to the man speak, so I think he’d know what to take it for and probably make a dollar out of it.

PS. FYI, he never went bankrupt.


CS: Any plans for future releases or collaborations?  

LH: Yes we have an album coming out early next year. Unfortunately our soundcloud tracks got deleted by our label for “record label reasons”, so we have very little up there right now, but there are talks with armada at this very moment, so some great remixes will be coming through the pipeline.  Right now we are also working on a collaboration with Sonnengruss, a Producer who has been making waves on the Hype Machine.


Thanks Ignacio! Be sure to check out more from Lions Head on Facebook and Soundcloud.