Leyya is the brainchild of Austrian musicians Sophie Lindinger and Marco Kleebauer. The tandem’s newest release “Lately” is a bedroom-pop gem taken from their forthcoming conceptual EP Longest Day of My Life which will tackle themes of mental health.

“Lately” is a song for indie-pop fans looking for an escape from reality; its mantra is one rooted in shaking the shackles of toxic, cyclical thoughts. With a liberating motif at its center, “Lately” is equally as free flowing and fearless in its musical sentiments. Tethered to a cheeky beat made up of a quick-moving drum pads and airy electric guitar riffs, this Leyya offering does exactly what is promised. Sophie’s vocals add layers of warmth and embrace to the jumping beat, laying out a danceable maze of sound that feel both safe and rebellious. A dreamy song for hedonists and pleasure seekers, “Lately” is a savory track for a Saturday buzz.