Montreal-based Ghanean singer-songwriter Kae Sun debuts his latest release, the Canary EP, on Casablanca Sunset today.

Lead single, “Canary,” has already received praise from Mass Appeal, OkayAfrica and a handful of respected publications.

The EP also features the songs “Fix Up” and “Flip The Rules.” “Fix Up,” was produced, co-written and features the platinum-selling recording artist Ariane Moffatt. “Flip The Rules,” my personal favorite on the EP, sounds like TV On The Radio meets a hip-hop version of Kele.

Kae Sun’s uniquely crafted lyricism and precise melodic structure lends itself to the raw and atmospheric instrumentation on all three tracks.

Collectively, the three songs on the EP serve as a prelude to Kae Sun’s highly anticipated third studio album―which is due out in the Fall of this year.

Stream the EP below and also check out our quick Q&A. Enjoy!

Brief Q&A w/ Kae Sun

Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard you before?

Kae Sun: The best description would be to just have them take a listen. I don’t ascribe too much to labeling music, I think genres are a bit outdated. I guess if I was pushed I’d say I make mood music, with a layered set of sonic influences and a singer-songwriter approach to crafting lyrics.


CBS: Who are some of your musical influences?

KS: Too many to name. I can get anything from anyone if what they’re doing resonates with me in an intuitive way. But I’m drawn to the greats – Nina Simone, Sam Cooke, Lucky Dube, Bowie, Prince.


CBS: Very cool. What can listeners expect from you into the future?

KS: I’ll be putting out a full length toward the end of the year!


Thank you! For more on Kae Sun’s music and his upcoming album you can check out his facebook page here.