Today, LA-based Jewel Tones premiere their new single, “imnotsureyet,” on the Casablanca Sunset blog.

The single is the first off their forthcoming sophomore EP, The Harbour to be released in late November.

“imnotsureyet,” combines elements of alternative rock and electronic production to create a vibe reminiscent of late 90s acts like Pedro The Lion and American Analog Set meet the experimental percussive patterns of acts like Four Tet and Burial.

As singer-songwriter Jacob Millar explains, the song “explores a very familiar concept to many 90’s babies; feeling out of place.” Rooted in emotions of misguided angst along with solidarity and contentment the song explores Millar’s acceptance of personal growth and healing from wounds of the past.

Stream the premiere of “imnotsureyet” along with a brief Q&A from Jacob Millar of Jewel Tones below.


Q&A with Jewel Tones


Casablanca Sunset: Who are some of your musical influences?

Jewel Tones: Linkin Park, Underoath, my Mom and my Granny, Minus the Bear, Paramore, Bibi Bourelly, Moses Sumney, Kelsey Lu, Josh Pan, Skrillex, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Thom Yorke, The Black Madonna, Flying Lotus, Stimming, and Trentmoller to name a few.


CS: Awesome, how would you describe Jewel Tones to someone that has never heard it before?

JT: Guitar music mixed with computer music is what I’ve been defaulting to lately, but I’d probably just tell them to come see a show if they’re interested.


CS: Very cool, how does the new music compare to previous music you’ve worked on?

JT: I think the biggest difference is that we’ve had a chance to play a few shows together and test our sound out on an audience. When we released our first EP the band was still new and hadn’t performed together. I had no idea how the sound we had been developing within the confines of our rehearsal studio would impact a group of real people, and what energy we would need more of or less of. So, after seeing how the music worked on a few different groups of people, I went back to writing a few things that I think will further our vision as a live band. This record is the first of a few new ones we will release over the next month or two.


CS: How about your live set up look, what does that look like?

JT: At the moment we are a three piece band. I sing, play guitar, keyboard, and trigger backing tracks in Ableton. Max Greenhalgh has been playing bass and singing harmonies, and we just started working with this drummer, Ross Hodgkinson. I’d like to bring someone on eventually to help with the live production and a maybe play second guitar… just putting it out there.


CS: Any other news to promote regarding future releases or shows?

JT: We have a show right before Halloween on the 30th at the Hotel Café in LA, and the next song should be out before Thanksgiving.


Sounds good! Thank you, Jewel Tones! 

For a further look into Jewel Tones and some of their upcoming releases listen to their MiniMix via NEST HQ.