James Wyatt Crosby is a multi-genre musician, producer and recording artist from Southern Ontario, Canada.

On September 15, 2017, he will be releasing his debut full-length album Twins, on the Hamilton, Ontario-based label Maisonneuve Music

One of the album’s songs, “Nobody Else,” is lo-fi pop tune that borrows elements of the post-punk and late 90s emo sound. It sort of sounds like the band American Football wrote a song with the no-fi band Wavves.

James Wyatt Crosby released a music video for “Nobody Else,” which you can stream below. It was shot at a deserted lighthouse on an uninhabited island on southern Georgian Bay (Ontario, Canada). They were trying to mirror the whole “isolation and secrecy” theme from the song lyrics. It’s a loose storyline, but basically the idea is that he’s stuck on this deserted island and “Nobody Else” is there.