California-based duo, Inspired & the Sleep recently released their new single “First Time.”

Comprised of singer/songwriter Max Greenhalgh and multi-instrumentalist Bryce Outcault, the two have been collaborating with each other for a number of years. They’ve received praise from a handful of online tastemakers including Spin, Noisey, Earmilk and Indie Shuffle for their ability craft off-kilter indie rock and progressive pop music.

Their latest single, “First Time” is part of a full length album the group recently finished recording and is due out later this year or early next. The song features an endearing lead vocal, pop guitar phrases and a steady bass line that fluctuates between an optimistic and nostalgic outlook on love and entering a new relationship.

“First Time” is about the beginning of a relationship, and when a couple catches themselves opening up to each other. “I feel like when you’re alone for an extended period, you tend to naturally become guarded as a way of protecting yourself. But it takes even more strength to get to a point where you can let yourself love again,” said Max.

The song is an engaging listen from beginning to end. Stream below.