Each month the Casablanca Sunset music blog inbox receives a variety of music submissions from talented artists, musicians, labels, publicists and mangers around the world.

We do our best to read each email and review a number of the submissions, however it’s near impossible to cover everything that is sent our way. The Inbox is a monthly series that highlights the best music submissions of the past month that did not get individual coverage on the blog but deserve recognition.

Lots of talented artist in this March 2020 edition of the Inbox playlist featuring an eclectic mix of music ranging from indie rock to electronic pop and a everything in between. New music from KYTES, Feng Suave and Electric Guest. Along with newcomers like COASTL, Ed Wells, and Maddie Jay. Complete track listing is below.

Be sure to also check out the archived version of the Inbox playlist on Spotify featuring the best of the best submissions. Enjoy!


KYTES — Runaway
Ed Wells — Atlas Love
COASTL — Paris After Midnight
Keep Dancing Inc — Could U Stop
AKA George — Up All Night
Great News — Greedy Little Thing
Feng Suave — Toking, Dozing
Maddie Jay — The Peanut Butter Song
Lazy Tiger — Stand Clear
Electric Guest — Dollar (20syl Remix)
Fantasy 15 — The Menace
Swim Mountain — Somebody New
TJ Roberts — True Secret To A Happy Life
Ted Jasper — Too Worried
Tycho — Alright
Guest Singer — Think Face
Beachdust — Chemical Rainbow
Rogg Collines — Illusion
Thony Ritz — All-Nighters
Dim Sum — Someday
SuperParka — Kawabunga!
NoMBe — Heels
Winona Oak — Lonely Hearts Club
Sad Night Dynamite — Track 02
Tommy Down — Don’t Think I’m Leaving Without You
STROM — Blurred Out
Sara Diamond — S.I.L.W.U
FAVELA — Homingbird
fozsa — Patch
Sunday Service Choir — Follow Me / Faith (3kelves Yeezus-Is-For-The-Children-And-Clubbers Edit)
Nawy — Up All Night
Weird Milk — Is That Love?
Her Songs — I Wonder (ft. Dani Murcia, Emily C. Browning, Emmavie Mbongo, Marie Dahlstrom & The Naked Eye)
ideesnoires — Au Ralenti (Instr)
Morningbird — Ice Queen
MHA — We Don’t Talk Enough
Cubicolor — Rituals
Coach & Ref — iNFiNiTY
Kenny Hoopla — how will i rest in peace if i’m buried by a highway?