Here is July’s Inbox playlist. Below are some of the best recent submissions that didn’t get a blog post but are solid cuts worthy of some attention. There are new releases from acts like Jean Tonique, Two Another, Freedom Free, and More Giraffes. Also includes a handful of newcomers like Tim Ayre, Love Deluxe and Aura Cools!

You can also stream the archived inbox playlist highlights on Spotify. Tracklist below!


Tim Ayre — Laxx
Two Another — Searching
Jean Tonique — Like You
Aura Cools — Photograph
Freedom Fry — Me and Bonnie
More Giraffes & Sweater Beats — Playground
Pat Lok — Fearless (ft. Luke Burr)
Daniella Mason — Girl In The Box
LP — Shaken
Love Deluxe — Campari & Coke
Sophie Forrest — Cinnamon
Douze — Straight Line (LIFELIKE Re Edit)
Satin Jackets ft. David Harks — Northern Lights (Antenna Remix)
Alex Siegal — Up All Night
Private Agenda — Grapple
Jonny Elements — Our Love
Carter Reeves — Grey Area
EMAN8 — Stir
Zaia — On The Run
Little Church — Outside
Brothers Page — Won’t Stop
Wanna Be — Patrick Ulinski
Irena Zilic — EWO
Stray Fossa — Eyze
Kianja — A Just Love
Marius — IDNTWNTU (ft. Eryn Martin)
Decent at Best — Take Your Time
Sir Woman — HIGHROAD
Hugo Cottu — Far All I Know
Giant in the Lighthouse — Sprinting
YES PLZ — Same Way
Lyrah — Down Low (stripped)
Pikes — People In Cars
Edwin Organ — Gabriel
Zard — Friends
Almost Owen — One Lucky Man
R3HAB & Mike Williams — Lullaby (Acoustic)
upsidedownhead — Circulate ft. PLGRMS
Language Arts — Falling Out Of View
Brigade — Be About You (Brigade Disco Mix)
David Ellis — Eyes to the Sky
Jewls & Komplement — Golden Rush
Doze — Get Over It