We’re officially one month into 2021 and February has arrived.

Below are handful of releases received via the Casablanca Sunset submission inbox over the trailing month. All of which are quality tracks that deserve a spotlight even though they did not get individual recognition on the blog.

This month new music from the likes of Is Tropical, Mishegas, Almost Barely, Aaron Frazer, MARNEY, MOTHICA, Millionyoung, and many more. Full track list below. You can also stream the adapted and archived version of the Inbox playlist on Spotify here. Enjoy!


Mishegas — Temporary Love
JSquared — Dreams (ft. L’Isle & Takuma)
Almost Barely — Just For Tonight
Aaron Frazer — Bad News
Lowgo — Are We Cool? (ft. Lou Phelps)
Blue Canopy — Motovun
Freedom Fry — Le Point Zero
Is Tropical — Hummingbird
Marney — Fireflies
Running Touch — Juno
Mothica — Forever Fifteen
Sports — The Look
Slow Corpse — Every Little Thing
AKA AKA — No Place To Cry
Josh Fudge — Hit My Line
Mouth Breather — Life’s A Mystery
Kai Straw — Sugar
loungetunes — Sweet
Millionyoung — Less
Cards & Sita — Blue Automobile
Vilde — Hazel
Rudi — Through The Night (ft. Amanda Thomsen) (Patawawa Remix)
Placid Cactus — Island Glow
Ernest Noah — Never Let You Go
AMFM — Wednesday
HeartWerk — The Alley Behind Elgin Ave
Vacation Manor — Can’t Run Forever
Menahan Street Band — The Duke
Local Nomad — Love Is Gone (La Felix Remix)
Dad Friendly — Corners
Third Attempt — Missing Feeling
Audio Dope — Absense of Gravity (Pable Noubelle Remix)
Sofi Gev — You’re the Star
Rare Monk — Goodbye
Yotan — Parry
Melpo Mene — All Of This Is True
Possible Oceans — Blood in the Water
OSKA — Misunderstood
Macious — Take My Light (ft. F.A.R.)
Qwiet Type — Colors In My Dreams
Leebo Freeman — Technicolour Chandelier
Viktor Spasov — Jeremie Thomas
And the Boys — My Favorite Song
Midnight Tracks — I’ll of you (ft. Andrew Kamel)
FJ Law — tounge tied