As the year comes to a close, here is the last Inbox playlist on 2019. All songs selected were submitted to the Casablanca Sunset Inbox over the last month. While there is not enough time in the week to cover all of the songs submitted, these are the tracks that are worthy of recognition but did not get their own individual blog post.

New music from Emotional Oranges, Kraak & Smaak, Daniela Andrade, Klangstof and newcomers like Ava Zarte and Douze.

Out later this week, there is also a remix on the Casablanca Sunset Records label from Abc Dialect and LEFTI that is worth checking out!

Until then, stream the latest from the Casablanca Sunset Inbox along. Also over on Spotify. Enjoy!


Ava Zarate — How Does It Feel
Emotional Oranges — West Coast Love
Kraak & Smaak — Soul Liberator (ft. Sanguita)
Daniela Andrade — Tamale
Jean Tonique & Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue — Open Market
Joe Hertz — Cross My Mind
Douze — Red Led
Klangstof — Blank Page
Hessian — Humanism
Tush — Don’t Be Afraid
Le Babar — Sweet Cakes
Sotomayor — Quema
Nicolas Godin — The Foundation (ft. Cola Boyy)
Ben Böhmer — Hunting (ft. Jonah)
Alfie Templeman — Who I Am
KYTES — Want You Back
BENEE — Supalonely (ft. Gus Dapperton)
John Splithoff — Like You Talk To Me
Joel Ansett — Through
Stray Fossa — It’s Nothing
Blood Cultures — Broadcasting
Jack Trades & Kayrae — Sideways
HEIGHTS — Let Me Show You
Yuri Runs — P.A.R.T.Y. 
Mint Julep — Blinded
Atlas Palace — (Every) Today
Fantasy 15 — Fame or Life
Novaa — AI Am In Love
Barney Lister — Matchu
Luna Shadows — practice
Boyfriends Genes — Telephone
Max Fry — Passage w/ Hanz (ft. Still Haze)
Pure Moods — Tide
De Rien — Chimes
Abase — Slow It Down
HEIR — My Love
Sinqa — Let’s Pretend