August 2019 has arrived. Here are some of the best songs submitted to the blog over the trailing month.

Lot’s of new music including standout releases from acts like filous, Miami Horror, Elohim, Caius and more. While there was not enough time to individually review each of these songs on the blog, they are still worth recognizing and sharing. Some quality releases in there. Full tracklisting is below. Enjoy!


filous — Monday (with Ashe)
Miami Horror — Restless
ELOHIM — flagpole sitta
Caius & EAUXMAR — Away From You
Ivan Ave — Nu Path
edbl — The Way Things Were
Knight One — A Little of You
Ali Horn — Dreamers
SEA GIRLS — Closer
Freedom Fry — Come Bring Your Love
LP — Die For Your Love
Van Houten — Moon
The Tribe Of Good — Broken Toys
Tyzo Bloom — I Want You To Stay (ft. Lenachka)
Wingtip — Happiness
Party Favor & EZI — Be Ok (Acoustic)
Pantology — Here for You
Kicktracks — Hawai Chill
Satin Jackets ft. Panama — Automatic (The Oddness Remix)
Madi — White Horse (ft. Robokid) (Golf Clap Remix)
Felix Sandman — Middle Of Nowhere
Bevan — P.T.L. ft Holly Moore
Vandelux — Know Some
Caracol — Flooded Field (ft. Illa J)
The Nice Nice — Out Of Ideas
UPSAHL — Wish You’d Make Me Cry
Katmaz — On To The Next
Humeysha — Beauty in All
The Claremonts — Clearer Than Ever
Honey Lung — Nothing
One Nice — Difficult Days
SAFIA — Runaway
Baker Grace — Sad Summer
Mikal Cronin — Show Me
Color Palette — Marrakech To Bombay
Napoleon Gold — Love Don’t Cut Me Down (ft. Haivia ru)
Sukhleen Bhutta — In Me Head
King Ibis — Apple Tree
Emotional Oranges — Don’t Be Lazy
Laurent Bourque — Thinking of you
Kid Karma — Good Morning (Clues)
Weird Milk — Honey, I’m Around
Sheare — Nightmare Baby
Ralph — Gravity
Plastic Picnic — September Second
Adam Melchor — Joyride
Love Deluxe — Campari & Coke (Aleksandir Remix)
Matvei — Distance
Life is Better Blonde — Winter ft. Angus Dawson
MIYNT — Lucy in Disguise

Photo: Chris Borg