With another month in the books, here is the April 2019 edition of the Inbox playlist. As with every month, these are the best music submissions received via our email inbox that did not get individual coverage on the blog. Because there is not enough time in the day for me to cover everything that is good, this a way to share some of the stuff that deserves recognition.

This month, new music from LA-producer Goldroom, Santa Monica newcomer Alex Siegel and buzzing indie act I Know Leopard whose new album Love Is A Landmine is one of my favorites of 2019 thus far. In whole, the playlist features some real gems so be sure to dig.

If you’re in LA at the end of the month, there is a Casablanca Sunset show on April 30th at the Resident. Featuring 5 emerging bands from the LA-area that I really like. Tickets are available here.

There is also a Casablanca Sunset label release next week on May 2nd. It’s a heartfelt song by Abc Dialect called “Magic.” It’s part of a 4-song EP, titled Real Life, the group is releasing via Casablanca Sunset this summer.

In the meantime, stream the April edition of the inbox playlist below. There is also an archived best of the best version on Spotify you can stream here.



Goldroom — Yellow Flowers (ft. Mereki)
Great Mountain Fire — Look Up
Sleepy Tom — The Times (ft. Parker Bossley)
Alex Siegel — Something About You
I Know Leopard — Seventy Lies
Graduation — A Split Second
Tokyo Tea Room — Forever Out Of Time
Gods Of Venus — Destiny (ft. Jay Jay Johanson)
Nyles Lannon — Love Again
Daniella Mason — Deepest Of Wells
Say Yes Dog — Lies
Amo Amo — Antidote
Dresage & G.Smith — Therapy
Knight One — A Little of You
Twinsmith — Feels
Tim Freitag — Tip Toe
Freddie Joachim — Backyards (ft. Natalie Olivieri)
Billie Eilish — When The Party’s Over (Super Duper Remix)
Lodato & PollyAnna — Sober
Parisian Soul — Keep On Dancing Rework
Gold Member — Blue Coma
township — Electric Rhythm
Pale Moon — Waiting for the Sun
East Harbor — R.W.I.B. (Right Where I Belong)
The Pendletons — Life To Me
instupendo — Cinderella
rob mistic — pleasecompute
Gold Spectacles — Reversing
Johnny & the Man Kids — Wait for You
Jackson Davis — Hold My Hand
The Vaughns — 50%
Candy Says — Gravity

Photo: Andrew Ling