The Austin, Texas based band Hills released their first LP, Satellite, last week.

Hills is about as indie as they come. Literally and figuratively.

Picture older Ryan Adams on LSD, Grizzly Bear with an accent, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot, and fuzz pedals.

Hills is the 5 piece musical extension of Aaron Zachary, a kid from the Texas Hill Country by way of Nashville. A gifted songwriter and guitar player raised on the likes of Cash and Willie; the roots of most songs that came from a pedigree of story telling and Travis picking. Satellite was self engineered, produced, and mixed (almost entirely) by Aaron Zachary with an interesting and experimental production style deeply inspired by George Martin and the Fab Four. Recorded almost entirely in an empty cedar house deep in the Texas Hill Country, Satellite captures the magic of wide open spaces compromised with analog warmness and otherworldly tones.

Do yourself a favor and check out my favorite single off the album, “Push It,” which slightly reminds of a Broken Social Scene B-side with a bluegrass vocal. The keys and vocals pair with the washout lo-fi guitar perfectly. It’s really quite impressive.

Stream for yourself below.