Kitsuné Musique is one of the finest indie-electro labels in the game. The French collective’s latest sign comes from Australian artist Harry Nathan and his dreamy indie ballad “I’m In Need” featuring Angus1. A monochromatic track with an unfazed atmosphere, Harry Nathan boasts his softer side on his latest alternative electronic gem.

A song created by the shadows of pastries and booze, “I’m In Need” is a collaborative effort that boasts the musical genius and untroubled attitude of both and Harry Nathan and Angus1. Likened to the sound of sunrise, the idyllic track is a dreamlike reflection of the tandem’s imagination and dexterity. Built by the way of a synthwave cadence that blossoms with the grace of an orchid, “I’m In Need” evolves delicately. A song crafted by two friends, Harry Nathan and Angus1’s latest is explicitly leisure-like.