Here is a 30+ song playlist of indie rock tunes for the month of November. Lot of good up and comers in here. Many of these tracks are taken directly from our submission inbox. Many of the others are new bands and artists that are beginning to buzz and worth sharing.

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Beach Baby – Limousine
Coast Modern – Hollow Life
Strange Names – Ricochet
Hibou – When The Season Ends
Wilsn – Walking for Days
Matt Corby – Monday
Clones of Clones – Somebody Else
Medlow – Emotion
Animal House – Figure It Out
Stillwater Giants – Patience
Lost Kings – Bad feat. Jessame
Patawawa – Red and White
Madi Diaz – Mess (Jensen Sportag Remix)
Du Tonc – We Can Hold On
Moonchild – The Truth
Day Wave – You Are Who You Are
Marc Scibillia – Out Of Style
Meredith – Levels
Tiger Choir – All Time
Holy Holy – You Cannon Call for Love Like a Dog
The Marlenes – Cakewalk
My Baby – Remedy
The Echo and the Sound – War On Error
King Colour – You Just Don’t Want It Yet
Folded Like Fabric – I Tried
Ulysse – Witness
Vaudeville Smash – Richter Scale
Bishop – Wild horses
GEMS – Soak
Come Wild – Clarity
Sabina Ddumba – Not Too Young
Overlake – Travelogue
Rah Rah – The First Night We Met