Atlanta-based artist, Demo Taped (aka Adam Alexander) recently released his new EP, Momentary.

The 5-song EP is an electronic exploration of the young producer’s gospel upbringings. It features saturated electronic textures atop smooth R&B aesthetics and bright vocals. One of the EP’s stand out tracks, “Pack Of Gum,” features swooning electronic production and cascading rhythm patterns aside a melodic vocal.

Growing up in Atlanta, Demo Taped spent a lot of time around his grandfather’s church which influenced his early years as a budding musician. Adam’s grandfather was close to Martin Luther King and was the pastor of a church formed by former slaves living in Georgia.

Momentary‘s first song, “Insecure,” which premiered via NPR in September of last year, was recorded in the basement of his grandfather’s church. It also features musicians that play in the church band including Adam’s father on bass.

Check out the music video for “Pack Of Gum” below and you can also check out a brief Q&A he did for Casablanca Sunset below that.







Casablanca Sunset: Who are some of your musical influences?

Demo Taped: I’m really inspired by Herbie Hancock, Zapp & Roger, Talking Heads, Curtis Mayfield, Miles Davis, David Bowie, & Hendrix just to name a few. This is always a difficult question for me to answer because I look up to so many artists musically from so many different genres.


CS: Any new artists you’ve been listening to?

DT: King Princess !!! Absolutely incredible.


CS: How has Atlanta’s music-culture influenced your music?

DT: All of my friends think outside of the box. They believe in their craft (whatever it may be). People work hard and that rubs off. Also I’m a big soul music guy. I think coming from the South definitely has put some of that in me.


CS: In the past, you’ve struggled with depression and anxiety. Has music helped you cope with either illness?

DT: I still struggle with both. I treat it with medicine prescribed to me to keep things under control but I may always struggle with It – and that’s okay. We’re always provided images of what life is “supposed to be like” through things in the media to your favorite IG personalities. It’s usually upbeat, happy. It’s important to realize that one can’t be happy all the time. Life is ups and downs and for good reason! The downs build us up and make us stronger. The ups provide us with a chance to breathe and take in the beauties of this world. Sometimes it’s a string of downs in a row. In those times it’s important to remember the up is coming. Music has definitely helped me to express the things I can’t quite articulate with normal speech. When I’m making music and writing, It has to be from a real place. I have to identify with what I’m singing. It’s a release.


CS: How did growing up around your grandfather’s church influence your music as an artist?

DT: My dad plays bass and is the musical director of the church and seeing him perform every Sunday definitely may have given me the “bug”. Also seeing my grandfather preach all these years has actually influenced the way I interact with crowds. He knows how to get attention and keep it. He knows people waking up on a Sunday and putting on their best clothes need to be woken up again, just as a crowd needs to be energized. It is up to the performer to provide that spark. He’s taught me that through actions alone.


CS: What are you most excited about this year?

DT: I’m incredibly excited to share new music. I’ve been shifting my focus, learning from others who are more experienced. Trying to grow and develop. I’m excited to share that growth. I’m also very pumped to meet people while on the road


CS: Favorite song off your new EP, Momentary?

DT: Winter Soon. I made that track with How To Dress Well and it was a great experience. It’s my favorite because it’s very much me remembering details from car rides with my dad. Rides that (I think) ultimately led to me doing what I do now and speaking with you 🙂


Thank you, Demo Taped! For more on Demo Taped, visit his website here.