San Francisco-based artist Chase McBride recently released his third album, Green Shade.

Green Shade is an easy listen from beginning to end featuring smooth melodic melodies and comforting acoustic textures along side Chase’s breezy vocal.

The album’s title track, “Green Shade,” seamlessly embodies the feel of the album. It’s a bright, comforting and easy indie-folk listen. The song features Sufjan Stevens-esque string accompaniment and reassuring rhythmic tendencies.

Collectively, the album is the perfect soundtrack to your early morning coffee. It’s somewhere between indie-pop, alternative rock and contemporary folk music. Stream below.


“The name of this song came from a pigment name on a tube of paint, “Pthalo Blue (Green Shade)”. It reminded me of the way I relive memories through a filter, it feels like I see them in a green shade. The song is about about how certain relationships fade out over time, told specifically through the example of my childhood neighbor, Chris. We spent a lot of time together, growing up, but I haven’t seen him since.” – Chase McBride