CAPYAC is a nu-disco tandem from LA. The duo has been celebrated for their off-kilter and sometimes bizarre on-stage tactics. From costume parties to 4 AM warehouse soirees, it’s not shocking that CAPYAC found their footing among the surreal streets of Austin, Texas. Their 2021 debut is a cover of Modjo’s Y2K single, “Lady (Hear Me Tonight).”

A nod to French dance music, CAPYAC’s rendition of “Lady (Hear Me Tonight)” flows with an elegance that is equal parts jazzy and electronic. A colorful jaunt through curvy elevator synths and energized melodies that match the valor of the original single, the colorful cover is an impressive start to the year for CAPYAC. Suited for the dance floor or your home office, you’re sure to find this groovy joint downright irresistible.

Stream CAPYAC’s 2-song ‘Lady / Music‘ EP released January 1, 2021.