The jazz-pop vocalist, Betti, has a striking string of letters tattooed across her knuckles: ELEGANCE. But the sophisticated word is inked not in some equally refined script, but in the jarring street font of graffiti. And it’s that juxtaposition – the grace with the grit – that sums up the mysterious new artist with the singular name.

Betti’s first release via Decca / Universal is a stripped down vocal track featuring strings and moonlight piano. Her sounds lends itself to that of a film noir movie; the style of the femme fatale. She is both elegant and seductive in a Ella Fitgerald meets Lana Del Rey type of way.

But there’s more than a seductive image to Betti: the Atlanta native possesses a hypnotic, versatile voice, one that can croon, coo or cry as the song dictates.

On “Ordinary,” a tale of honest, real-life love, she evokes Ella Fitgerald, drawing out the notes like honey dripping from a spoon. It’s a gorgeous performance on a topic that can be far from fairytale perfect.

“Love isn’t awesome all the time. Sometimes you hate that person more than you can even handle,” says Betti. “Love is when you see them being an asshole and you still love them. It’s selfless, and that’s what ‘Ordinary’ is.””

Check out the video for “Ordinary,” and brief Q&A below.


Q&A w/ Betti


Casablanca Sunset: How would you describe your sound to someone that has never heard your music before?

Betti: It’s pop, with a touch of jazz, and urban influences.


CS: Musically, who are some of your influences?

B: I’m influenced by so many artists, and I always try to stay on the hunt for new sounds and styles to inspire me. If I had to really narrow it down however, I’d bring it back to the root of my sound which would be artists like Billie Holiday and Judy Garland.


CS: What will your upcoming release sound like? 

B: It’s going to feel quite different actually. The essence of what you get with Ordinary will still be there, as I feel Ordinary is like the foundation of my upcoming album. The tracks are certainly more pop-leaning however, but all done in a really exciting new way that mixes old school with new.


CS: Any new acts/bands in 2017 you are excited about?

B: I’m actually really excited for my Decca Records label mate Xam Volo, I recently got to see him perform live and was blown away.


CS: Upcoming plans?

B: Right now I am diving into creating my live show. It is an extremely important experience for me that I want to create for the audience. I’m also about to start work on my next music video, which I’m over the moon about.


Look forward to hearing more! For more updates on Betti’s music check out her Spotify