Benee is a buzzing artist on the verge of a break out 2019.

Today, the New Zealand-artist released her debut 6-song EP, FIRE ON MARZZ. Having watched Benee play live twice in the last week, I can confidently say she’s very talented and young. Melodically, she reminds me of Billie Ellish and Lorde.

With only a handful of singles out prior to her new EP, she’s already racked up tens of millions of Spotify streams and recently signed with Republic Records. Songs like “Soaked” and “Evil Spider” boast impressive vocal arrangements and breezy rhythmic instrumentation.

The EP features 4 new songs, previously unreleased. One of the four, “Wishful Thinking,” showcases Benee’s unique vocal. She nonchalantly combines aspects of pop with smooth soulful sophistication. It’s quite cool.

Stream the EP here and one of the new singles, “Wishful Thinking,” below.