Bec Sandridge is a 24 year-old musician based in Glasgow who is currently living in Sydney, Austrailia. The singer-songwriter creates captivating indie pop music. Her sound is reminiscent of Blondie and Kate Bush, or what she calls  “Spaghetti Disco Pop.”

Bec recently released her new single “In The Fog, In The Flame,” which will be featured on her upcoming EP. Excellent song that features Bec’s anthemic 80s influenced vocals, mellow guitar chords and a warm analog synth. Enjoy.



Bec also took the time to create a playlist for Casablanca Sunset. This playlist is influenced by the music that has shaped Bec ‘s career. As a musician these are the songs that have influence her taste, style and ultimately her sound as a singer-songwriter.


Spotify Playlist

Curated by Bec Sandridge

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