Beach Baby are a London-based indie rock four-piece that capitalize on groovy pop bass lines and anthemic guitar licks. It’s a US grunge, post-punk and 60s pop sound that really defines Beach Baby and makes them more than just a London based rock band. 

Their new single ‘Limousine’ showcases Beach Baby’s sensory take on apathetic, US-inspired slacker-pop. And according to the band it’s their most frenetic song to date.

It’s a surreal snapshot of suburban egoism, portraying a sociopathic character in fickle pursuit of the fast-pace.

Produced alongside Adam Jaffrey (Bloc Party, Dev Hynes, Django Django), ‘Limousine’ lands somewhere between the band’s South London-roots and the escapist and a wryly detached world that their music often refers to.

These guys are definitely on to something and would expect to hear more from them come. They sound like polished lo-fi pop band. After all, there’s something in the water out there in London.

Check out their new music video below.