The NYC based songwriter, Amber Mark, shares a stunning visual for her track “Monsoon.”

The video retraces the steps Amber and her mother Mia took on their travels through Rajasthan, beautifully captured by director Joe Alexander.

Amber Mark recently released her debut self-produced EP ‘3:33 am’ (PMR Records). The EP is a collection of confident, soul-bearing tracks inspired by the loss of her mother in 2013.

Spending her formative years traveling the world and imbibing music, art and culture alongside her mother, Amber’s artistry is a kaleidoscopic mix of influences. From the jazz, soul and Indian classical music she listened to at home to the hip-hop and downtempo electronica she soaked up along her travels, these influences are reflected on ‘3:33 am

The EP has a handful of inspiring tracks and is a music listen.

Check out the video for “Monsoon” below: